Retail Membership

The Retail Membership shall consist of legitimate retailers of Dancewear/Dance Footwear who:

  1. Pay municipal and/or provincial retail business license and/or tax(es).
  2. Carry year-round stock of dancewear and shoes.
  3. Carry and display a stock in trade at a permanent location.
  4. Are open for business during normal daily business hours for 12 months each calendar year Sell to the general public.
  5. Do not buy from basement operations unless the article is not available from a manufacturing member.
  6. Do not tranship. (Do not supply a given manufacturer’s goods to a retailer who does not have an account with that manufacturer)

Manufacturer Membership

The Manufacturer Membership shall consist of legitimate manufacturer of Dancewear/Dance Footwear who:

  1. Are a commercially zoned legitimate manufacturing operation regardless of country.
  2. Pay municipal and/or provincial manufacturing business license and/or tax(es).
  3. Attend the annual DAC meeting.
  4. Maintain a presence in Canada.
  5. Deal directly and exclusively with legitimate retailers, as outlined above.
  6. Do not sell directly to dance companies, dance schools, or the ultimate consumer. (Note: A manufacturer may sell seconds or damaged good through a factory outlet.)