Established in 1991, DAC is a nonprofit trade organization uniquely comprised of both dancewear retailers and dancewear manufacturers.

We’re committed to supporting and encouraging the dance industry in Canada. Our members gather at the annual conference and trade show to share ideas, view products, network, socialize and expand industry knowledge. 

Mutually Beneficial

The unique combination of retail and manufacturer members creates a mutually beneficial partnership, rich in knowledge and industry specific discussion. Topics vary, from the design, development and production of dancewear products, to their delivery, marketing and retailing.


Our organization is run by member-volunteers who benefit from strengthening their relationships in support of the Canadian Dancewear Industry. Whether you just want to come to the conference and get to know some of the manufacturers, or, if you are inspired by making a difference and would like to volunteer and help shape the future of dance in Canada, we'd love to get to know you.

Year-Round Contact

Our members get to know each other well and often develop long-lasting friendships. We support each other all year long with friendly advice and by being a sounding board for one another.

…And we also help each other fill orders when we're missing an item or size.

DAC Conference Discounts

As a way to support maximum attendance at each year's DAC conference, our Manufacturer members offer truly exciting discounts to DAC members who attend. For most members, the savings cover the cost of attendance and then some.

Value for Your Money

The cost of trade-shows can get out of hand with travel, hotels, and attendance fees. We want all Canadian dance retailers participating, even if they are a single store in a small town. To make that possible, we're committed to keeping the cost of membership and conference attendance reasonable.


Each year, DAC offers scholarships to help nurture Canadian dance students through its retail members.