The Magic of Merlet happens in our workshop in Limoges, France. Our Maître Chaussonniers have learned there over the decades the traditional art of hand making pointe shoes.
Our latest generations of Merlet pointe shoes are handmade in this historic workshop in Limoges. Our craftsmen ensure a quality recognizable by the attention to detail. They are the guarantors of a know-how transmitted from generation to generation.

We use the stitch and turn technique which tucks all of the materials into the shoe to avoid any rubbing. This technique is improved by Merlet to provide the best comfort to our dancers.
Merlet uses its own pastes and components that make our pointe shoes so unique in their quality & comfort. Our design office and workshop are constantly innovating bring our dancers the technology of tomorrow, today. Thank you to all our collaborators who work in the shadows without whom the adventure would not be possible.

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